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[FYI] Microsoft preps Napster clone


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Microsoft preps Napster clone  

By: Tony Smith  

Posted: 10/01/2001 at 12:51 GMT  

Microsoft plans to 'embrace and extend' peer-to-peer file sharing 
technology with a Napster-style system of its own.  

Codenamed Farsite, the program is currently little more than a 
research project, according to a ZDNet US story. The newswire seems 
content with M$' line that the code will probably make it into the 
commercial arena, but we're not convinced.  

Essentially, Farsite follows the true peer-to-peer mode of Gnutella 
rather than Napster's approach. Farsite lets PC talk unto PC, without 
the need for a central server to act as an intermediate directory, as 
is the case with Napster.  


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