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We did it...

You run an adult-website ?
You have exit-traffic or 404-traffic for sale ?
You finally want to make real cash from it ?

Allright, then http://www.SellYourExit.com is your new solution.

We have been the first company web-wide that opened a professional website
for this business.
That was in early 2000. Now it's 2001 and SellYourExit is stronger than ever

We just raised our payouts again and offer now the HIGHEST rate for RAW
adult exit-traffic
combined with a WEEKLY PAYOUT which is also unique in this business.
We pay MORE and MORE OFTEN than ANYBODY else !!!

Compare us with all competitors of your choice and you will realize that WE

Here are the facts:

- $0.0045 US per RAW exit-impression
- Weekly payment (Every Thursday)
- NO Click-Ratios, NO Signup-Ratios
- Real-Time Stats for your account

If you have questions, feel free to contact us right away.
We hope to welcome you soon as our customer.


SellYourExit Staff

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