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[FYI] (Fwd) FC: DeCSS ruling in DVD case must be reversed, eight ami

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Subject:        	FC: DeCSS ruling in DVD case must be reversed, eight amicus briefs
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Eight different coalitions -- from cryptographers to journalist groups
-- are filing amicus briefs in the DVD/DeCSS case. The briefs -- an
unusually high number -- urge that the Second Circuit Court of Appeals
overturn the district court's ruling of last August.

Wired News article on the briefs being filed today:

The journalist/media brief, which focuses on the right to link:
The computer scientists' brief (the only one filed earlier in the
week): http://cryptome.org/mpaa-v-2600-bac.htm

Photos from trial, protests, anti-DMCA march:

Other briefs include one by the ACLU, one by the ACM, one by law
professors, and one by Ernest Miller, Siva Vaidhyanathan et al. that
says "to be governed by the District Court's version of the DMCA is to
be stripped of the right to make the valuable fair uses of copyrighted
materials upon which new contributions to the field are so often

Judge Lewis Kaplan's ruling last August:

EFF is funding 2600 magazine's defense and appeal. The appeal brief to
the circuit court, filed last Friday, is here:

Brief of MPAA member companies is due February 19. Their amici must
file a week later.

Some of the briefs, including ones I've perused, are still in draft
form. EFF promises to have all of them online shortly. ACLU says their
brief -- still in draft form -- will be up on their site by noon.


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