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Symantec-Patente auf Modul-Nachruestung



hat Symantec Patente auf sein Verfahren erhalten, Zusatzmodule fuer seine
Virenbekaempungs-Software bereitzustellen und per Netz nachladbar zu


Symantec said the patents refer to its "micro-definition architecture"
system which is integrated into Norton AntiVirus 2001, Norton
AntiVirus 2000 and Norton AntiVirus 5.0, as well as Symantec's
corporate anti-virus products. Microdefinitions enable LiveUpdate,
Symantec's schedulable and automatic update mechanism, to run up to
four times faster.


It's also worth noting that the ability to download files that allow
incremental patching of existing running software has been available
for many years on Unix and Linux systems - and what Symantec is doing
seems only to be "fine-tweaking" this.

In a statement, Symantec said the patents could also be applied to
technology involved in the "update general computer readable files,
which may include data files, program files, database files, graphics
files, or audio files".


Die einschlaegigen Patente sind:

US patent US6052531
	multi-tiered incremental software updating
US patent US6167407
	backtracked incremental updating