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[FYI] (Fwd) FC: Ninth Circuit will rule in Napster case by 1 pm ET M

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Subject:        	FC: Ninth Circuit will rule in Napster case by 1 pm ET Monday
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      Notice: the opinion for A&M Records et al v. Napster
      (Case No's 00-16401 and 00-16403) will be released by 10 a.m. on
      this website on Monday, February 12. You will find the opinion
      in the "Opinions" section of this website.

      Anxious weekend for Napster
      Feb. 10, 2001 06:10 ET ... weekend for Napster Stoppin ...

      Appeals court to rule Monday on Napster case
      Feb. 10, 2001 05:50 ET ... e Monday on Napster case Frida ...

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