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[FYI] CPRM for ATA-HDD: "A serious threat to civil liberties"


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There's no going back after CPRM, warns Schneier  

By: Andrew Orlowski in San Francisco  

Posted: 17/02/2001 at 09:49 GMT  

CPRM copy control poses "a serious threat to civil liberties", writes 
cryptography expert Bruce Schneier.  

In an analysis of the CPRM specs that the 4C Entity has proposed for 
inclusion in the ATA hard drive specification in his latest 
Cryptogram newsletter, Schneier warns of their social cost. He also 
comprehensively debunks the spin that CPRM - as it was first thrown 
at the ATA committee - was only ever intended for removable media:-  

"This is a lie, of course. Already it is planned for IBM's tiny hard 
drive, and larger drives aren't far behind," he writes.  


If you're thinking, "but these guys cry wolf every year, why should I 
be interested now?", do read this poetic piece and see how easily 
technology liberties that you take for granted can be taken away. ®  

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