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www.coffeeshop-amsterdam.com, messageboard upgraded to version 6.0

Our hemp/marijuana community is growing!

We want to inform you with our upgrade to version 6.0 beta of our 
messageboard, this will improve you interactive experience with other Ganja 
lovers even more! check it out at:


New features:

Private messaging - send one-to-one messages to other community 
members, and use Ignore/Buddy Lists to control your messages. 

Member ratings - allow your community members to rate each other based 
on their participation! 

Caching System: UBB 6.0 utilizes a new caching system that 
significantly reduces the load on the web server. This caching system is a 
breakthrough in simplicity and efficiency. This reduces the loadtime of the 
coffeeshop messageboard with 60% !

Hope to see you soon on the board, and thank you for your support of 


Webmaster www.coffeeshop-amsterdam.com

messageboard: http://www.coffeeshop-amsterdam.com/html/bboardframes.htm