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[FYI] (Fwd) MPAA Court of Appeals Brief

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Subject:        	MPAA Court of Appeals Brief

We offer the Proskauer Rose MPAA Court of Appeals brief
with 47 footnotes (the MPAA-site version omits footnotes):

  http://cryptome.org/mpaa-v-2600-bpa.htm  (138KB)

A footnote:

  28 Although several of Corley's amici from the field of
  cryptography, including cryptographer Bruce Schneier,
  criticize the scope of the encryption research exemption
  of the DMCA,  1201(g), ironically, even Mr. Schneier
  has voiced strong personal opposition to the public
  dissemination of "exploits" (i.e., computer programs
  "that make[] use of a vulnerability to attack a system"
  (A1056)), like DeCSS, stating that "I believe that it is
  irresponsible, and possibly criminal, to distribute
  exploits. Reverse-engineering security systems,
  discovering vulnerabilities, and writing research
  papers about them benefits research; it makes us
  smarter at designing secure systems. Distributing
  exploits just make [sic] us more vulnerable. . .
  Handing computer weaponry to clueless teenagers
  is part of the problem." See Bruce Schneier,
  Publicizing Vulnerabilities, Crypto-Gram, Feb. 15,
  2000 (available at

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