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[FYI] Der heraufziehende taegliche Kampf um das 'Deep Linking'


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Trace who is linking to your site  

By: Linda Harrison  

Posted: 05/03/2001 at 15:52 GMT  

A British company has come up with what it claims to be the first 
true map of the Web.  

The LinkMap will let site owners track inbound links to their sites, 
and is aimed at deep linking.  

The product, from Berkshire-based start-up LinkGuard, is aimed at 
companies that don't want deep linking - the practice of another site 
linking to a specific internal page on a Website. LinkGuard says some 
businesses prefer surfers to go onto their homepage first - to boost 
their hits, while others are worried about protecting their 
intellectual property on the Web.  


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