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[FYI] (Fwd) Congrats to Seth

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Subject:        	Congrats to Seth

Congratulations to Seth Finkelstein for well-deserved
Pioneer Award from EFF just announced:

  Anti-censorship activist and programmer Seth Finkelstein
  spent hundreds of unpaid and uncredited hours over
  several years to decrypt and expose to public scrutiny the
  secret contents of the most popular censorware blacklists.

  Seth has been active in raising the level of public awareness
  about the dangers that censorware and rating/labeling
  schemes pose to freedom of communication. His work has
  armed many with information of great assistance in the fight
  against government mandated use of these products.

And to the other two exemplary public advocates:

  Bruce Ennis and Stephanie Perrin

Full announcement at www.eff.org.

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