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Fwd: 3rd US Big Brother Awards

-> http://www.privacyinternational.org/bigbrother/us2001/


On March 7, Privacy International held the 3rd annual US Big Brother
awards to celebrate the invaders and champions of privacy. The ceremony
took place at the 2001 Computers, Freedom, and Privacy Conference.

The "Orwell" statutes were presented to the government agencies,
companies and initiatives which have done most to invade personal
privacy. A "Lifetime Menace" award was also presented.

2 awards were also given to champions of privacy. The Brandeis Award
is named after US Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, who described
privacy as "the right to be left alone." The awards are given to those
have done exemplary work to protect and champion privacy.

The winners of the awards were selected by a judging panel made up of
lawyers, academics, consultants, journalists and civil rights activists based
on nominees made by the public and experts.

Awards Categories

Most Invasive Proposal

  The FBI'sCarnivore privacy-eating snooper program.

Greatest Corporate Invader

  for massive selling of records, accurate and inaccurate to cops,
  direct marketers and election officials

Worst Public Official

  City of Tampa
  for spying on all of the Superbowl attendies.

Lifetime Menace

  National Security Agency
  for Clipper, Echelon and 50 years of spying.

Brandeis Awards

  Evan Hendricks
  20 years of publishing the Privacy Times

  Julie Brill
  Vermont Attorney General's Office