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[FYI] March 12, 2001 meeting of the Council for the Single Market, Consumer Affairs and Tourism in Brussels: Fail to rech agree


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Single EU patent crucial to business competitiveness  

Date: 13/03/2001 Policy area: Internal market, consumer affairs and 
tourism News item: Press release  

“A single EU patent is vital to the modernisation of the European 
Union. It is essential in today’s knowledge-based society that the EU 
boost its competitiveness in the global arena,” said the Swedish 
Minister for Trade, Leif Pagrotsky, in a comment following last 
Monday’s meeting of the Council for the Single Market, Consumer 
Affairs and Tourism in Brussels.  

“The introduction of a single patent would make patent registration 
in EU countries a great deal cheaper, simpler and quicker. This is 
essential if European companies and inventors are not to lag behind 
their international competitors.”  

“It is therefore unfortunate that we were unable to reach agreement 
on the need to hasten the process towards a single patent. A decision 
would have meant that we are serious about making Europe the most 
dynamic and competitive region in the world.”  

“However, I hope this setback will give us something to think about, 
and that it does not prevent us from introducing a single patent in 
conformity with the timetable agreed on earlier,” said Mr Pagrotsky.  

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