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[FYI] (Fwd) [EFIL] Council documents on the Internet

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Subject: [EFIL] Council documents on the Internet

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>From http://www.eu2001.se:
The Council of the European Union to become more transparent
Date: 19/03/2001
Policy area: Justice, home affairs and civil protection
News item: Press release

The Council of the European Union took a decision today to the effect
that as of 1 May this year certain categories of Council documents
will be automatically published on the Internet. This chiefly refers
to documents pertaining to legislative matters but also includes
agendas and reports, etc. The decision covers a very large number of
documents that will be directly available to the general public.
"Today's decision is one of the first steps towards a more transparent
and accessible European Union. The fact that EU documents are made
available to the general public in this way can increase the Union's
democratic legitimacy in the long term," the Minister for Democratic
Issues, Ms Britta Lejon, said in a comment. The proposal for today's
decision was presented by the Swedish Presidency in January. It was
well received by the other Member States and the decision was adopted
by a unanimous Council. The aim of the decision is to increase
openness in the European Union and to give citizens an opportunity to
rapidly and readily acquaint themselves with documents at the Council.
Under earlier provisions, a citizen who wished to study a Council
document was required to submit a request in writing to the Council
which then took a decision in the matter. This relatively
time-consuming procedure will not now be applied for the categories of
document covered by the decision. The major difference, compared with
the situation today, is that the documents will be directly available
on the Internet.

Contact information:
Magnus Ljungkvist
Press Secretary
08-405 49 42
070-543 20 51
Anders J Ericson
Press Counsellor
02 289 5655

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