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[FYI] Pay-to-Play: Microsoft erects .NET tollgate

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Pay-to-Play: Microsoft erects .NET tollgate  

By: Andrew Orlowski in San Francisco  

Posted: 19/03/2001 at 19:15 GMT  

Some of Microsoft's .NET vaporware precipitated today, in the form of 
a HailStorm. HailStorm is the first piece of .NET to be pushed into 
public view, and at last we can see how some of the loose ends around 
.NET and Microsoft's Great Plains purchase are beginning to come 
together. The services are slated to go live in beta form late this 
year, with operational roll-out in 2002.  

But almost unnoticed in the rush to discuss the usage (or abusage) of 
SOAP, XML and other technology specs is the more significant story. 
Microsoft promises to make Hailstorm a "business center", piped 
through the Passport hub. In other words, it's pay-to-play.  


Well now the wheel's turned full circle. Take this, for example:-  

"Service operators will also have a certificate-based license 
relationship with Microsoft allowing them to use HailStorm services, 
which will make it possible to ensure that no service using HailStorm 
is abusive of the resources involved, affecting other users of the 
services. That certificate will make it possible to filter abusers of 
the system."  

In another era, Microsoft might have been expected to sell these as 
'building blocks' for a new tier of service provider companies and 
certification authorities. But not any more. Trading in its image of 
bug-eyed strangler for the new one of benevolent guardian of the 
oxygen tent is going to be quite a challenge, and this is how 
Microsoft will attempt it:-  


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