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[FYI] Bekaempfung des Universalrechners


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MS plans 'Secure PC' that won't copy pirated audio files  

By: John Lettice  

Posted: 23/03/2001 at 15:26 GMT  

Microsoft's research division is busily inventing a mysterious beast 
called the Secure PC, which is designed to win hearts, minds and 
wallets in the recording industry by blocking unlicensed copying of 
digital music.  


MS Research is also currently publicising another, mostly unrelated, 
operation; the anti-piracy activities of one ANalias. We'll draw a 
veil over most of the activities of this sad individual, who 
apparently hangs around warez areas gathering information in the arms 
race against copying. But it says here: "Microsoft protects its 
software from abuse by writing into the basic code protection 
mechanisms that, while the program is running, continually verify 
that it has not been tampered with." We're baffled by this, 
considering the amount of tampered with, but apparently viable, 
Microsoft software there is all over the Web.  

It continues: "The program may 'call' for the tamper protection 
mechanism every 40 clicks of the mouse, or every time a file is 
opened, and if the right response is not forthcoming, the program 
shuts down. The 'call' is usually encrypted so that it cannot be 
detected or intercepted." Any information on where this appears 
already, or where it's going to appear, would be appreciated.   

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