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[FYI] Decoding Minds, Foiling Adversaries


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20 October 2001 

Source: http://www.us.net/signal/CurrentIssue/Oct01/decoding-oct.html 

October 2001 ęSIGNAL Magazine 2001 AFCEA (Armed Forces Communications 
and Electronics Association) Journal for Communications, Electronics, 
Intelligence, and Information Systems Professionals  

Decoding Minds, Foiling Adversaries 

Information warfare is no longer just about machines; it is also 
about how users think. 

By Sharon Berry 

Whether a threat comes from pilot error or enemy aggression, 
scientists are finding that multisensor mapping and analysis of the
brain lead to systems with human-machine interfaces that can correct 
human error, aid counterintelligence work and guard against

A technology, known as bio-fusion, combines sensors to examine 
biological systems to understand how information and neural
structures produce thought and to display the thought in mathematical 
terms. By creating an advanced database containing these
terms, researchers now can look at brain activity and determine if a 
person is lying, receiving instructions incorrectly or
concentrating on certain thought types that may indicate aggression. 


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