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Re: [FYI] (Fwd) [NEWS] FBI To Require ISPs To Reconfigure E-mailSystems

"Axel H Horns" <horns@ipjur.com> writes:

> PHOENIX -- The FBI is in the process of finalizing technical
> guidelines that would require all Internet service providers (ISPS) to
> reconfigure their e-mail systems so they could be more easily
> accessible to law enforcers. The move, to be completed over the next
> two months, would cause ISPs to act as phone companies do to comply
> with a 1994 digital-wiretapping law.

Gibt es eigentlich Compuserve noch? Ich glaube kaum, da▀ das FBI dort
auf den internen Nachrichtenversand so leicht Zugriff hat, da die
Schnittstellen von 36-Bit-Rechnern ein bi▀chen anders sind.