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[FYI] (Fwd) FC: French activists urge opposition to anti-privacy, anti-crypto laws

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Subject:        	FC: French activists urge opposition to anti-privacy, anti-crypto
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Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2001 23:38:11 +0200
From: lagadu@altern.org
Organization: Les Virtualistes


Following this week-end message, here is an english version of an Open
Letter that has been sent to french Parlementaries and press by e-mail
on october 14th.

With no real impact, as far as we know now. The amendments added to
Daily Security Law (Loi Sécurité Quotidienne_ LSQ), discussed at the
Senate today and tomorrow, have been re-enforced by the Right Group.

There has been a consensus so that none of the political groups will
discuss it (even if the PC and PS groups say they feel bad about it).
None of them will weigh un-constitutionality in front of the Conseil
Constitutionnel, though it is a fact.

LSIJolie.net has been trying these two last weeks to gather as many
informations as possible on the LSQ and similar law projects is US in
other european countries. LSQ is dealing with serious restrictions on
civil liberties (body -searches performed by private security guards,
car and home searches for any motive, wiretapping of telephone and
internet communications, defense experts decrypting suspect messages 
out of any judicial control etc ) and enforcing measures that all
human rights and individual liberties defense organisations were
fighting against for a long time

Please have a look on www.lsijolie.net.
Feel free to use,  and distribute widely.


Christine - lagadu@altern.org
Collectif LSIJOlie


Open letter to  french parlementaries

The war fever triggered by the tragedy of September 11, is leading to
enforcement of hasty anti-terrorist laws  denounced by defenders of
human rights and liberties - in the United States, in Europe, England
, Germany, France and other countries. In France, in order "to fight
terrorism",  the government is weighing a series of exceptional
security amendements as part of the "Loi Securite Quotidienne" 
("day-to-day security Law") in emergency and in total infringement of
the Constitution.

The signatories of this open letter are more concerned about "
defending democracy in the face of terrorism ". They are worried by
the useless, inefficient, and intrusive attacks on  individual and
collective liberties induced by the proposed amendements. They dread
that the imperative of security could be the pretext seized by some to
pass strong  amendments, opposed for a long time by associations for
the defense of human rights and individual liberties.

Searches of vehicles and homes,  allowed by a magistrate for any
motive, private security guards allowed to perform bag and
body-searches with no judicial review, cross-examinations and
confrontations at a distance, surveillance and access to telephone and
internet communication data, including encrypted data, loss of
judicial control on decryption "defense" procedures, and denial of the
right to anonymity and privacy of exchanges, would leave the field
open to arbitrary and discriminatory practices rather than to the
application of the law.

Signatories especially  want to drag  the attention of representatives
on the dangers of any amalgam between terrorism, immigration, civil
protest movements, political opposition and petty crime, and on all
abusive utilization of these measures for other ends than the fight
against terrorism.

The signatories therefore ask parlementaries to urgently :

- oppose voting for  inefficient emergency measures without  a true
parliamentary debate and without their implications to be clearly
understood by public opinion .

- oppose any measures or law extending the powers of investigatory and
law enforcement authorities that would be adopted for an indeterminate

- oppose procedures extending the powers of investigatory and law
enforcement authorities that would have a retroactive effect.

- insure that  all measures susceptible of infringing individual and
collective liberties such as individual physical and moral integrity ,
freedom of opinion, right to anonymity and to privacy of all postal,
telephone and electronic communications, remain under the strictest
control of magistrates.

October 10th 2001

Signature on line : http://www.lsijolie.net/article.php3?id_article=68
Contact : admin@lsijolie.net

First Signatories
Collectif LSIJolie
Réseau Voltaire pour la Liberté d'expression
Souriez Vous êtes filmés
Les Virtualistes
Le Maquis
Calle Luna
Federation Anarchiste

First Signatories
                             Calle Luna
                             Federation Anarchiste
                             Collectif LSIJolie
                             Le Maquis
                             Réseau Voltaire pour la Liberté
                             d'expression Samizdat Souriez Vous êtes
                             filmés Syndicat de la Magistrature Les

Signature on line : http://www.lsijolie.net/article.php3?id_article=68
Contact : admin@lsijolie.net

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