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[FYI] (Fwd) FC: Dutch government moves to limit encryption, citing t

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Some background:

"Dutch government: All your bits are belong to us!"

"Dutch intelligence will scan satellite communications, break crypto"

The "action plan to combat terrorism":



    Dutch Government wants to regulate strong cryptography
    Jelle van Buuren   09.10.2001

    Action plan to combat terrorism targets modern communication

    The Dutch Government announced Friday it wants to regulate the
    public use of strong cryptography. The regulation of cryptography
    is one of the measures the government is proposing in its
    [External Link] action plan to combat terrorism.

    Dutch Government is launching a range of proposals connected with
    modern communication technologies. 'The new terrorism makes
    intensive use of modern technology,' the government claims.
    'Police and Intelligence has to give more attention on the use of
    modern technologies to prevent and fight terrorism.' One of the
    measures aims at the 'regulation of strong cryptography for public
    use.' How the government is seeking this 'regulation' is not
    clear. 'This will become clear in the coming month,' a spokesman
    told. 'We have to find some way to give intelligence services
    access to encrypted communication.'

    In the early nineties, Dutch government tried to restrict the use
    of cryptography. A preliminary draft of a bill aiming to ban the
    use of encryption was introduced in March 1994. Anyone who could
    show that they had a legitimate reason to use cryptography was
    allowed to apply for a license. Concealed within the text was a
    clause making it compulsory to hand over the key to the


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