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[FYI] BT admits to bandwidth restrictions for file-sharing sites


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BT admits to bandwidth restrictions for file-sharing sites  

By Kieren McCarthy  

Posted: 08/10/2001 at 11:44 GMT  

BT Openworld has been forced to admit it is restricting the bandwidth 
for certain Web sites after furious customers starting compiling 
evidence of interference. Previously BT had categorically denied any 
such restrictions.  

An email - sent out in response to an increasing number of complaints 
- reads: "In the short term we have had to impose traffic controls on 
particular applications & ports to ensure that our customers retain 
their great Internet experience."  

The applications and ports are all connected with peer-to-peer 
applications such as Gnutella, eDonkey and Kazaa which allow users to 
swap files with one another. BT said: "A small percentage of 
customers using P2P applications use up a very large percentage of 
the available bandwidth". Which is no doubt true but doesn't explain 
why BT has previously denied all suggestions that it is restricting 
the service.  


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