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[FYI] How the terror trail went unseen


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How the terror trail went unseen  

Duncan Campbell   08.10.2001  

Scientists and politicians row over whether it was planned using hi-
tech or lo-tech  

Investigations into how the terror attackers managed to evade 
detection are producing the unusual situation that statements from 
the FBI have become more trustworthy than those in the press.  

In two successive briefings, senior FBI officials have stated that 
the agency has as yet found no evidence that the hijackers who 
attacked America used electronic encryption methods to communicate on 
the internet. But this has not prevented politicians and journalists 
repeating lurid rumours that the coded orders for the attack were 
secretly hidden inside pornographic web images, or from making 
claiming that the hijacks could have been prevented if only western 
governments had been given the power to prevent internet users from 
using secret codes.  

The latest evidence from the FBI suggests that the hijackers easily 
hid under the noses of the American government, not by using advanced 
technology but by being as American as apple pie.  


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