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[FYI] Zero-Knowledge Announcement


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Zero-Knowledge Announcement  


Dear Freedom Premium Services Customer,  

Zero-Knowledge is introducing Freedom Privacy & Security Tools 3.0, 
the next generation of its online security software for consumers. 
This new software includes a personal firewall, form filler/password 
manager, ad manager, cookie manager and keyword alert. As a result, 
we have decided to focus our main development efforts on this product 
as well as other software solutions providing online security.  

As such, I regret to inform you that Freedom Premium Services - 
Anonymous Web Browsing and Private Encrypted Email - will be 
discontinued as of October 22nd, 2001. Please refer to the detailed 
Freedom Network shutdown timetable below.  

This decision was not taken lightly. It reflects the ongoing high 
cost and limited returns of operating the Freedom Network - the 
engine that drives the encryption and anonymity process. This is 
especially true since our customers and partners increasingly choose 
to purchase ready-to-use solutions that provide security and safety 
online - such as personal firewall, password manager and keyword 
alert - rather than nym-based services.  

For the past two years we have worked very hard to develop and 
maintain a sustainable private network and we thank you for all your 
support of our endeavor.. We share your disappointment and we 
apologize for the impact this decision will have on your online 

We deeply regret that we are unable to maintain the Freedom Network 
and we wish to thank you for your loyalty and for your understanding 
of this difficult decision we had to make.  

Please see below the timetable for shutting down the Freedom Network 
and the Refund Policy for Premium Services customers.  


Hamnett Hill EVP, COO  

Freedom Network Shutdown Timetable Refund Policy - Freedom Premium 


October 11th, 2001 Partial Freedom Network shutdown: the majority of 
the Freedom servers will be taken offline.  

Freedom nym mailboxes will not accept any more incoming mail as of 
October 11th, 2001 You will still be able to retrieve mail sent to 
your nym mailboxes prior to October 11th, but only until October 
22nd, 2001. However you will still be able to send mail until October 
22nd, 2001. And you will still be able to browse anonymously until 
October 22nd, 2001.  

WARNING: During the network shutdown, there is a risk that the 
identity of your nym(s) may be compromised due to the small number of 
Freedom servers available on the network. For detailed information on 
the Freedom Privacy Services threat model please click here.  

October 22nd, 2001 Complete Freedom Network shutdown: all the Freedom 
servers will be taken offline.  

You will no longer be able to browse anonymously or, send and receive 
nym mail.  


You may want to contact your friends, family and colleagues (or 
anyone that knows your nym names) and let them know that your email 
address will no longer accept mail as of October 11th, 2001. We 
recommend that you contact them as soon as possible, starting today, 
so that you can receive their responses before the incoming mail 
functionality is shut down. Please note that there will be no option 
of forwarding (redirecting) of any mail sent to your nyms. All mail 
sent to your nym(s) after October 11th, 2001, will bounce and be 
returned to the sender. Please note that due to a diminished number 
of servers on the Freedom network, it may at times be difficult to 
download your nym mail. Should this be the case, please repeat your 
attempt multiple times and at off-peak hours. For further information 
please click here.  


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