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[FYI] (Fwd) FC: Microsoft's anti-Unix website runs, well, Unix

[See http://www.wehavethewayout.com/  --AHH]

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I doubt this story is part of an April fools joke - it's just too
plausible.  It's from today's Wall Street Journal (page b-2 in the
dead tree version).  I'd forward the URL, but as you know, WSJ.com is
a subscription service that's protected by high-tech
anti-circumvention technology (in this case, a cookie) and I'm trying
to cut back on my DMCA violations.


Microsoft-Led Campaign Against Unix
Uses Web Site Running on the Software


A Web site funded by Microsoft Corp. urging businesses to avoid the
Unix operating system is itself running on Unix, the latest example of
Microsoft benefiting from the competitive software even while
criticizing it.

The site is connected with a new advertising campaign called "We Have
The Way Out" that is co-sponsored by Unisys Corp. and Microsoft. The
purpose of the campaign is to persuade corporate computing customers
to use computers running Microsoft's Windows operating system instead
of Unix, a rival operating system. Ads associated with the campaign
say Unix "makes you feel boxed in. It ties you to an inflexible
system. It requires you to pay for expensive experts."

But the Web site that is part of the campaign doesn't use Windows for
its operations. Instead, it uses a free "open source" version of Unix
called FreeBSD, along with another piece of free software called the
"Apache" Web server. Both products compete with Microsoft offerings,
and both are extremely popular on Internet sites.


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