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[FYI] Britons 'do not want e-government' - Call-Center statt Internet?


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Sunday, 21 April, 2002, 07:31 GMT 08:31 UK  

Britons 'do not want e-government' 

The government portal is difficult to navigate A former civil servant 
has added his voice to recent criticisms of the UK's e-government 
policy, questioning whether people actually want online services.  

Business development officer for NextiraOne Ken D'Rosario was 
scathing about the government's determination to be a world leader in 
the delivery of electronic services.  

"It is rhetoric rather than reality. I think the government has 
focused on an objective which isn't in line with what citizens want," 
he said at the Public Sector Expo in London's Docklands.  

Instead of spending time and money on putting services online, the 
government should be concentrating on traditional contact methods 
such as the telephone and face-to-face, he argued.  

"People like to interact by phone or face-to-face. Money should be 
invested in making these services better and providing more staff for 
call centres," he said.  

"At the moment the government is giving citizens what it thinks they 
want rather than what they actually want."  


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