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[FYI] Alan Cox stars in EU copyright protest debate


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Alan Cox stars in EU copyright protest debate  

By John Leyden Posted: 26/04/2002 at 18:14 GMT  

Linux heavyweight Alan Cox is to speak on a debate next week about 
the proposed European Union Copyright Directive which has alarmed 
many in the Internet community.  

Cox will speak on the negative effects the directive could have on 
open source software development during a Campaign for Digital Rights 
mini-conference, to be held in London's City University on Monday 

The debate is likely to cover the Dmitri Sklyarov case, DVDs on Linux 
and copy protected CDs, as well as the EU copyright Directive - which 
has been compared to the America's controversial Digital Millennium 
Copyright Act by its opponents. Opponents say the directive will 
stymie legitimate free uses of copyright material enshrined in 
international copyright law.  

You can find out more details of the free event here.   

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