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[FYI] VeriSign's spying business


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6 July 2002
Source: http://www.telecomweb.com/reports/calea/Press_Releases.htm 

VeriSign's spying business opportunity site: 


VeriSign ("Trust is the Foundation of Every Human Relationship") 
sells digital certification services and runs the Internet registry, 
thus is well prepared to sell private information on its all-too-
trusting customers and to assist ISPs and wireless providers in the 
business of betrayal, though it is hardly alone in spying boomtime.  

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VeriSign® to Launch NetDiscovery™ Service Enabling Carriers to Meet 
June 30 CALEA Deadline with Minimum Expense  

One-stop solution blends VeriSign’s IP and telecom network 
infrastructures and core expertise in security to solve CALEA 
compliance challenges for service providers  


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