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[FYI] (Fwd) [GILC-plan] more on Vatican site content ban

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Italian police have wiped the content from five internet sites which
they say insulted both God and Virgin Mary with blasphemous language
and pornographic images.

The sites, created in Rome and hosted by internet service providers in
the United States, were brought to the attention of the authorities by
a Vatican-controlled newspaper over a year ago. 

In an operation police hailed as "brilliant", they removed the content
from the site and replaced it with the symbol of the special unit

Blasphemy is illegal in Catholic Italy. While bad language has been
decriminalised, it still remains an offence to broadcast sacrilegious

Police said their censoring of the sites was done so that the
"precious freedom of expression" was not used to offend "the dignity
of people". 

According to the police, both God and Mary were described in unholy
terms, and images of sex scenes appeared next to their names.

A man from Rome may be charged, although it remains unclear what the
charges would be. ...

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