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[FYI] (Fwd) FC: Double-headed draft bill curtails fair use -- but aids webcasters

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Text of draft bill:

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   Copies, Webcasters tangled in draft bill
   By Declan McCullagh 

   July 11, 2002, 11:35 AM PT
   WASHINGTON--Legislators are readying a bill that could sharply
   limit Americans' rights relating to copying music, taping TV shows
   or transferring files through the Internet.

   At the same time, the draft legislation seen by CNET News.com would
   place the struggling Webcasting industry on firmer legal footing.

   Two key House legislators wrote the double-edged proposal in
   consultation with the Library of Congress' Copyright Office. They
   appear likely to introduce it this month.

   The creation of the two-part draft comes as politicians and judges
   are grappling with the slippery mix of high-speed Net access,
   digital content and the popularity of file-swapping networks. Last
   week, record labels hinted they might broaden their legal fusillade
   to encompass lawsuits against individuals.

   Reps. Howard Coble of North Carolina and Howard Berman of
   California, who authored the draft, say their proposed changes to
   copyright law follow suggestions made last August by the Copyright

   "The Copyright Office recommended that Congress amend the Copyright
   Act," the two politicians wrote in a five-page letter sent last
   month to members of the subcommittee that oversees intellectual
   property. Coble is the Republican chairman of the panel and Berman,
   who announced plans last month for an unrelated bill assailing
   peer-to-peer networks, is the senior Democrat.


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