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[FYI] (Fwd) FC: House votes 385-3 for wiretaps, life sent. for malicious hackers

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Subject:        	FC: House votes 385-3 for wiretaps, life sent. for malicious hackers
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Text of bill:

Who voted (Rep. Ron Paul, Rep. Jeff Miller, Rep. Kucinich opposed):



   House OKs life sentences for hackers
   By Declan McCullagh 
   July 15, 2002, 6:00 PM PT

   WASHINGTON--The House of Representatives on Monday overwhelmingly
   approved a bill that would allow for life prison sentences for
   malicious computer hackers. 

   By a 385-3 vote, the House approved a computer crime bill that also
   expands police ability to conduct Internet or telephone
   eavesdropping without first obtaining a court order.

   The Bush administration had asked Congress to approve the Cyber
   Security Enhancement Act (CSEA) as a way of responding to
   electronic intrusions, denial of service attacks and the threat of
   "cyber-terrorism." The CSEA had been written before the Sept. 11
   terrorist attacks last year, but the events spurred legislators
   toward Monday evening's near-unanimous vote.


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