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[FYI] (Fwd) Guardian: UK electronic voting by 2006

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In an article in today's Guardian


Robin Cook floats the idea of making the next general election fully
electronic. Apparently 30 million was found in the spending review for
a series of pilots, and the development of a secure register (yet
another Trojan for a pop register & ID cards?).

There is to be a consultation period, ending in October. The link to
the consultation paper isn't given, and parliament.uk has nothing.
Eventually, a slog through Downing Street's slow and bloated site
yields a link to 


For reference, there are pages on electronic voting run by Rebecca
Mercuri at


by Lorrie Cranor at


by the CPSR at


by Anne-Marie Oostveen at


and by the california voter initiative at


For interest, I chaired a session on electronic voting at the ACSAC
conference in New Orleans in December 2000 while the Florida business
was in full swing. The strong consensus among the assembled security
professionals was that we didn't trust e-voting to be an improvement.



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