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Urgent response please


How are you? I am very aware that you will be quite astonished in
receipt of this mail.

I am Mathew Npfenza, a Military officer With the Unita Freedom
Movement of Angola. And by the virtue of the situation of the day I
am soliciting your assistance, though imploring your absolute
confidence .

Being the special adviser, Procurement and Defence strategies to the
our Freedom Movement leader General Jonas Savimbi, who was murdered
by the government troops on the 22nd of Feb 2002 in the southern part
of our country, I am contacting you to assist me in the repatriating
/ safe keeping of a substantial sum. Due to my position and intimate
relationship with General Savimbi, I personally handle all the
Movementís procurement services of which I still hold. I am in
position of a total sum of US$13.72m and it was for an intended
payment for some military equipment and supplies for the movement.

Before Gen. Savimbi died, he handed over some documents containing a
deposit certificate and some invoices of a cash deposit in a security
company for the payment of these supplies. And being that he has been
personally sponsoring some of our previous purchases through various
safe deposits and accounts he personally lodges in different names,
from the proceeds of the solid minerals like Diamonds, Precious
stones, Gold etc, we mine secretly within our controlled provinces.
And for the fact that I have on various occasions handled such
transactions, I am truly convinced that the money is retrievable.

I will need you to assist me in retrieving this deposit since no
other person have the knowledge of the deposit and its documents with
me I want to retrieve this deposit for my personal use and being that
I have handled such transactions, I will guide you as we progress as
regards its processes as soon as I receive and confirm your indicated
assistance. I cannot take care of this transaction now, as I am still
actively in service and I cannot live the Movement for me not to be
suspected of being part of the plot that lead to the murder of our
Movement leader (Gen.Savimbi), I beg you will understand.

For me, this war is over but I would want to see the out come of the
negotiation being arranged by the Government for the reconciliation
and an outright disarmament of the Movement and I am not ready to
hand over this money or its documents to the movement or anybody
hence contacting you.

Please you are to respond promptly through this email address
mathnpfenza@yahoo.com	 for me to give you more details, and be
reassured that this transaction is devoid of any risks whatsoever as I will guide you through the processes having had a good exprience in this sort of dealing.

Anticipating your immediate reply.

Yours truly,

Mathew Npfenza.

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