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[FYI] (Fwd) FC: RIAA applauds peer-to-peer hacking bill as "innovative approach"

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"Peer-to-peer hacking bill officially introduced in House"

Text of bill:


 From Hilary Rosen, Chairman and CEO, RIAA:

"We applaud Congressman Berman for introducing bipartisan legislation
that takes an innovative approach to combating the serious problem of
Internet piracy.  Online piracy undermines the growth of legitimate
music sites and hurts all consumers in the long run -- every dollar
lost to piracy is a dollar that cannot be invested in the fresh, new
artists we have all come to expect and enjoy.

"The current landscape for online music is dangerously one-sided, with
the peer-to-peer pirates enjoying an unfair advantage.  It makes sense
to clarify existing laws to ensure that copyright owners -- those who
actually take the time and effort to create an artistic work -- are at
least able to defend their works from mass piracy.  We look forward to
working with Congressman Berman, Chairman Coble and other members of
Congress on this important initiative."

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