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[FYI] MS fights Open Source with freebies - an eyewitness writes


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MS fights Open Source with freebies - an eyewitness writes  

By John Lettice  

Posted: 02/12/2002 at 14:24 GMT  


It was a painful but successful transition. But this is not the 
reason I am writing.  

The reason is Microsoft itself. When the local Microsoft rep "heard" 
(someone inside the company tipped them off), they asked to meet my 
team(!) and discuss the reasons for our Open Source use.  

In fact, it was a meeting of 2 1/2 hours with 3 Microsoft 
sales/consulting reps trying to persuade us not to use Open Source 
(mainy they talked about "Linux" until we told them that we don't use 
Linux and that we don't understand what they are talking about :-) 
because "it is inherently insecure, unreliable" and, what was their 
biggest argument, "there is nobody in this country who could give you 
any support for Open Source", etc.  

Also, they wanted(!) (actually they "required") us to tell them the 
reasons why we are using Open Source instead of the already 
introduced and long-time proven Microsoft Software in this company.  

Then I started explaining the four reasons above, and when we came to 
the point of "Licensing Costs", they offered us TO give the Windows 
server licences for free.  


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