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[FYI] Intellectual Property on the Internet: A Survey of Issues

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Intellectual Property on the Internet: A Survey of Issues  

WIPO has published a report, "Intellectual Property on the Internet: 
A Survey of Issues," that addresses the far-reaching impact that 
digital technologies  the Internet in particular  have had on 
intellectual property (IP) and the international IP system.  

After a brief introduction describing general trends affecting the 
evolution of the Internet, the Survey addresses the evolving digital 
economy and the migration of intellectual property to the Internet, 
as well as the broader questions raised for intellectual property by 
the impact of information and communications technologies in the 
digital environment. The Survey focuses on recent developments in the 
traditional fields of copyright, trademarks and patents, as well as 
domain names, and progress in private international law and 
alternative dispute resolution. It also explores the particular 
concerns that face developing countries in e-development, and 
outlines the ways in which WIPO is addressing these various issues.  


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