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[FYI] eBay to Law Enforcement - We're Here to Help


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eBay to Law Enforcement - We're Here to Help  

Posted by Ernest Miller 

on Monday, February 17 @ 10:09:15 EST  

With Nimrod Kozlovski  

Joseph E. Sullivan, Director of Compliance and Law Enforcement 
Relations, Senior Counsel, Trust and Safety for online auction 
powerhouse eBay, recently addressed a group of law enforcement 
officials regarding eBay's policies for cooperating with government 
investigations. Below are verbatim quotations from his briefing at 
the recent CyberCrime 2003 conference:  

We [eBay] try to make rules to make it difficult for people to commit 
fraud and easy for you [law enforcement agencies] to investigate. One 
is our Privacy policy. I know from investigating eBay fraud cases 
that eBay has probably the most generous policy of any internet 
company when it comes to sharing information. [emphasis added]  

We do not require a subpoena except for very limited circumstances. 
We require a subpoena when we need the financial information from the 
site, credit card info or sometimes IP information.  

In other words, without a subpoena, eBay will provide all sorts of 
information to any law enforcement agency for any reason whatsoever. 
For more about eBay's law enforcement-friendly policy, read on.  

Without a subpoena, eBay will provide the following information 
regarding an eBay user to law enforcement:  

Full Name, User ID, Email Address, Street Address, State, City, Zip 
Code, Phone Number, Country, Company, Password, Secondary Phone, 
Gender, Personal or Business, Shipping information (Name, Street 
Address, City, State, Zip)  

In addition eBay will provide the following transaction information:  

Bidding History on an Item, Other Items for Sale, Feedback about a 
user, Bidding history of a user, Prices paid for items, Feedback 
rating, and Chat Room/Bulletin Board (!).  


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