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Fwd: [infowar.de] Independent 25.02.03 (R.Fisk): How the news will be censored in this war

In der Tat bin ich sehr gespannt, wie das Netz reagieren wird. Ob es
fuer die Masse verstaerkend wirkt (war bei einigen wtc "news" zu beo-
bachten), oder ob alternative Quellen ueberhaupt oder evtl. auch in
einer relevanten Breite durchdringen (koennen).

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Robert Fisk: How the news will be censored in this war

A new CNN system of 'script approval' suggests the Pentagon will have 
nothing to worry about

25 February 2003

Already, the American press is expressing its approval of the coverage of 
American forces which the US military intends to allow its reporters in the 
next Gulf war. The boys from CNN, CBS, ABC and The New York Times will be 
"embedded" among the US marines and infantry. The degree of censorship 
hasn't quite been worked out. But it doesn't matter how much the Pentagon 
cuts from the reporters' dispatches. A new CNN system of "script 
approval"  the iniquitous instruction to reporters that they have to send 
all their copy to anonymous officials in Atlanta to ensure it is suitably 
sanitised  suggests that the Pentagon and the Department of State have 
nothing to worry about. Nor do the Israelis.

Indeed, reading a new CNN document, "Reminder of Script Approval Policy", 
fairly takes the breath away. "All reporters preparing package scripts must 
submit the scripts for approval," it says. "Packages may not be edited 
until the scripts are approved... All packages originating outside 
Washington, LA (Los Angeles) or NY (New York), including all international 
bureaus, must come to the ROW in Atlanta for approval."

The date of this extraordinary message is 27 January. The "ROW" is the row 
of script editors in Atlanta who can insist on changes or "balances" in the 
reporter's dispatch. "A script is not approved for air unless it is 
properly marked approved by an authorised manager and duped (duplicated) to 
burcopy (bureau copy)... When a script is updated it must be re-approved, 
preferably by the originating approving authority."

Note the key words here: "approved" and "authorised". [..]

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