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[FYI] Videosurveillance systems: On-line consultation


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Data Protection  

Online consultation  

Within the past few years a multiplication of videosurveillance 
systems has been observed. This has raised a lively debate in order 
to identify the conditions and limitations that should apply to the 
installation and to the implementation of this kind of system as well 
as the necessary safeguards for data subjects.  

Starting from the existence of a variety of different legal 
situations in the Member States the present working document is meant 
to provide an initial analysis regarding the application of Directive 
95/46/EC. It has been drafted by the group established by Art. 29 of 
Directive 95/46/EC relating to the protection of personal data. This 
group is composed of European Data Protection Commissioners.  

The public consultation aims to collect the opinion of interest 
groups on this subject. As a next step the group of European Data 
Protection Commissioners will possibly adopt a recommendation on this 

Working Document on the Processing of Personal Data by means of Video 


Please send your comments or position papers on this subject before 
31 May 2003 either by post to:  

                Secretariat of the Art. 29 Data Protection Working
                European Commission 
                DG Internal Market - E4 
                C-100 6/39 
                B - 1049 Brussels 

                or by by e-mail.

The results of this consultation will be published on our website.  

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