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Fitug: Internet and child voting at upcoming German election

At the upcoming German elections Fitug provides online assistance, Internet
voting and voting for young people. All possibilities are unofficial.

  Responses from almost all candidates are glued together to an online
  assistance system. Decide yourself which politics matchs you! Wen-waehlen
  explains with candidate on your voting paper matchs your position best.
  This experiment in Internet voting provides anonymity, single votes and
  personal checks for elections. Using your voting advice and your id card,
  you can vote anonymously. Foreigners are invited to "elect" the German
  government, too. Your PGP key allows you to vote.

  Subeigthteens can vote in a real voting office. This election closes at
  17:00 to report the results before the official counts come in. We need
  help to keep those rooms open. If you have time, know a room, or can print
  voting ballots, please let us know!

  Alvar Freude	       0711/5070825   (wen-waehlen.de)
  Lutz Donnerhacke     0173/3676752   (kinderwahltag.de and netzwahltag.de)

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