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LACC: Discussion Forum on Privacy on the Internet

Organization: Technical University of Berlin, Germany

The International Working Group on Data Protection in
Telecommunications is currently working on Data Protection and Privacy
on the Internet.

The Group was founded in 1983 and has been initiated by Data Protection
Commissioners from different countries in order to improve Data
Protection and Privacy in Telecommunications. The Secretariat of the
Group is located at the Berlin Data Protection Commissioners Office,
Berlin, Germany.

At its spring meeting 1996 in Budapest the Group has agreed on a Draft
Report and Guidance on Data Protection on the Internet. It was agreed
to publish the Report on the Net in order to receive comments from the
network community.

The Secretariat of the Working Group has initiated a discussion forum
located at the WWW-Server of the Berlin Data Protection Commissioner

The comments received will be published on the server.

We are looking forward to your comments on the report.

Yours sincerely,

Hansj^?rgen Garstka
(Chairman of the Group)

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