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Postmaster at aol.com...

Der Postmaster hat wohl viel zu tun, deshalb gibt es erstmal eine
automatische Antwort, die ich hier mal dokumentiere, weil sie auch
das Usenet betrifft...


Received: from zipcode.atg.aol.com by IBM.rhrz.uni-bonn.de (IBM VM SMTP V2R2)
   with TCP; Sun, 07 Jul 96 14:04:00 MEZ
Received: by zipcode.atg.aol.com
	( id AA162451044; Sun, 7 Jul 1996 06:04:04 -0600
Date: Sun, 7 Jul 1996 06:04:04 -0600
From: Postmaster <pmd@zipcode.atg.aol.com>
To: UZS106@IBM.RHRZ.Uni-Bonn.DE
Old-Subject: Re:      Junkmail from cocacolats@aol.com
References: <199607071205.IAA14482@emin13.mail.aol.com>
In-Reply-To: <199607071205.IAA14482@emin13.mail.aol.com>
Precedence: junk
X-Loop: pmd@aol.net
Reply-To: postmaster@aol.com
Subject: Postmaster Mail Receipt Notification

Dear Internet Correspondent:

Thanks for writing to us with your question, concern or comment. You
are receiving this automatically-generated message to acknowledge that
your mail has been received. To keep from further consuming bandwidth
and mailbox space, you will only receive this message once a month
(per account).

Our goal is to process all mail sent to postmaster@aol.com within 24
hours of receipt, and when possible to personally follow up on mail
we've received. However, during times of high volume, staff outages
and similar situations, we may not be able to meet this goal. We hope
that you will understand that under these conditions, replies may be
delayed or omitted. We will only do this when it is necessary, and
your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated. Due to the
large number of reports we receive regarding USENET abuse, not all
complaint/reports can be responded to personally.

Many messages received by our group can best be answered by other AOL
staff. In these cases, we will forward your mail to the appropriate
department, and you should be contacted by them shortly.

If you are trying to locate an America Online member, you can browse
AOL member home pages at http://home.aol.com/; you can browse our
Member Directory at http://members.aol.com/. If you are unsuccessful,
please send mail to NameSearch@aol.com. Please do not send mail to
Postmaster@aol.com, or your search for a member may be delayed.
Include as much personal information about the member as you can to
help ensure a speedy and accurate match.

If you'd like more information about America Online, send e-mail to

If you're writing to report abuse of the USENET or Internet, please
send future reports to abuse@aol.com. Please include complete copies
of the abusive article or e-mail. This will facilitate our canceling
USENET articles; header information is used for internal user

If you urgently need to contact us, please send e-mail to
djackson@aol.net or call +1 703/453-4051 weekdays between 8.30 and
17.30, Eastern US Time (if you leave a message, please include your
telephone number so we can reach you). You can reach the iDOT via
pager at +1 800/759-8888 PIN 128-4050.

You can also reach our Network Operations Center at +1 703/883-1577.
Please ONLY use this number in the event that your site is
experiencing unusual difficulties with sending mail to AOL.

--The America Online Internet Development Outreach & Technology Team