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Germany calls on UN to create Web standards.

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>From: Jason Stokes <j.stokes@student.anu.edu.au>
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>Subject: Germany calls on UN to create Web standards.
>Date: Mon, 22 Jul 1996 18:05:32 +1000
>Organization: Australian National University
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I thought this was newsworthy (from C/net):

>German officials are calling for the United Nations to help create
>international standards for acceptable content on the Web, a plea that
>comes just as Hamburg prosecutors accuse America Online's German
>service of being used for transmitting child pornography through email. 

>Claudia Nolte, German's minister for family affairs, appeared Tuesday
>before the United Nations to discuss how the international body could
>play a role in developing standards to protect women and children from
>violence and sexual exploitation online. Nolte said that international
>standards will be necessary to prevent pornographers and neo-Nazis from
>operating outside national jurisdictions. 

Full text at http://www.cnet.com/Content/News/Files/0,16,1860,00.html

Given the process of international law development, this is not a 
particularly immediate threat, but, give it time...

Jason Stokes: j.stokes@student.anu.edu.au