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No Subject

Thank you for responding to my comments.  And thank you for the
article.  It's very small, no wonder I missed it.  My internet sources
tell me that this story means that Tacoma Washington is imposing a tax
on aol and compuserve, etc.  This is a book-keeping nightmare for the
net and it implements "economic repression".

I tried the sjmercury.com home pages as you suggested and searched for
the keyword combos "France censorship" and "Australia censorship" and
got nothing.  Those are the two biggest stories on the net.  Did I do
it wrong?

In France, the CEOs of two ISPs were jailed (!) for not censoring
their newfeed.

Here's the current list of governments attacking the internet:

   Alabama, Australia, Belgium, California, China, Connecticut, Florida,
   France, Georgia, Germany, Illinois, India, Indonesia, Italy, Jordan,
   Kansas, Malaysia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, New Jersey, New
   York, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore,
   South Korea, Sweden, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, U.S., Viet Nam,
   Virginia, and Washington.

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