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July 23, 1996

        Contacts:       Audrie Krause           Aki Namioka
        Email:          akrause@igc.org         namioka@netcom.com
        Phone:          (415) 755-8674          (206) 587-6825

PALO ALTO -- The Board of Directors of Computer Professionals for Social
Responsibility (CPSR) announced with regret today that Audrie Krause has
resigned as CPSR's Executive Director in order to explore the potential for
starting up a new organization dedicated to developing grassroots support
for technology-related social and political issues.  Krause is working on
creating NetAction, an organization that will link the online activists who
are working on these issues with traditional community-based organizations.

Krause said she thoroughly enjoyed her tenure with CPSR, appreciates the
support and encouragement she received from CPSR members, and is grateful to
the many volunteers who devoted significant time and energy to CPSR projects
during her tenure as Executive Director.

"I am leaving because I hope to establish NetAction as an organization that
will work to promote effective grassroots citizen advocacy campaigns around
technology-based social and political issues such as encoding email for
privacy protection, electronic access to public records, and government
surveillance technology.  I think that can be accomplished by educating
online activists in traditional grassroots organizing techniques,
introducing online activism to community-based organizers, and creating
coalitions that link online activists with grassroots organizations," she said.

"Many of the issues being addressed by online activists impact the lives of
people who are not online and may never be," she added.  "For example, an
elderly woman with health problems may not be familiar with encryption,  but
this technology for ensuring the privacy of electronic data and
communications will have an impact on whether or not her medical records
remain private."

Krause, 48, had served as CPSR's Executive Director since October 1995.
CPSR is a national alliance of computer professionals and others concerned
about the impact of computer technology on society.

Krause is the former Executive Director of Toward Utility Rate Normalization
(TURN), a statewide consumer organization, and a former reporter for the
Fresno Bee.  She is credited with transforming TURN into a nationally
recognized consumer advocacy organization.

"While my work with CPSR has been tremendously rewarding, it has made me
aware of the urgent need to create coalitions between online activists and
community-based organizations in order to conduct successful campaigns
around technology-based social and political issues," she said.

CPSR Board President Aki Namioka said the Board wishes Krause well in her
new venture.

For more information on Krause's plans for NetAction, contact her at
akrause@igc.org, or by phone at (415) 775-8674.

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Audrie Krause
Email: akrause@igc.org * Phone: (415) 775-8674  *  Fax: (415) 673-3813
Mailing Address: 601 Van Ness Avenue, No. 631  San Francisco, CA 94102

Audrie Krause
Email: akrause@igc.org * Phone: (415) 775-8674  *  Fax: (415) 673-3813
Mailing Address: 601 Van Ness Avenue, No. 631  San Francisco, CA 94102

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