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und was schoengeistiges ueber netzgemeinden etc

Subject: break/flow
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Some lines about the availability of certain books...

Howard Slater's new zine break/flow (contact at 89 Vernon Rd, Stratford,
London E15 4DQ) contains various interesting articles, trying to build
in a space between Spur and project sigma manifestos, Ronald Sukenick,
Anti-Oedipus and electronic dance:
"On the whole what we have is a certain amount of closed spaces which
act as ghettos: an avant-garde ghetto of intelligence-mongers, a
revolutionary ghetto of pre-established tracks and frustration; a media
ghetto where, at best, avant-gardists and radicals get a chance to come
into _soft focus_.  Each of these ghettos demands a conformity of
behaviour and utterance. (...) Rather than get lost in these zones of
autism it seems more worthwhile to traverse these and other ghettos and
get lost... become an ever more _spurious opposition_."

Parts of the project sigma portfolio material which Trocchi circulated
in 1964, republished in break/flow, both look back to his friend Wallace
Berman and forward to list-servers in the mode of circulation which he
was trying:
"Some machine, a roneo-type copier for example, essential to this 'art
form' or process which includes the 'distribution'; roneoed work is
quick, simple, unpretentious and inexpensive, and, used imaginatively,
could have an impact comparable to that of the original invention of
printing, outflanking normal publishing media. This gambit, a round-
robin which includes n participants, an inter-personal experiment in
expression; a man responding as and when he pleases; copies of his work
at once roneoed for circulation; individuals chiming in, checking-out at
any time... "Log" I say to emphasise the temporal dimension and the fact
that the significance lies in the process of becoming."
(I've edited slightly for clarity - but left in the original maleness)