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mirror the internet

hi all

ich dachte immer, ich waere verrueckt - mit meinen vielen mirrors. aber die
leute von www.archive.org haben den vogel abgeschossen.



                             [Internet Archive]

                           About Internet Archive

We are experiencing the growth of a new medium which some say is as
significant as the rise of printing. Until now, there has been no project to
collect the digital texts and make them accessible to future historians,
scholars, and technologists. The New York Times ran a column asking for one.
Internet Archive is the new project to do just that. Sound wacky? Sound
impossible? Well, yes, but that is no reason not to do it.

Internet Archive will collect a running archive of the Internet to be used
for research in the emerging media. This archive will be useful to scholars,
historians, and Internet researchers. You can read our slide presentation to
find our more.

Internet Archive, a non-profit organization, was founded in 1996. the
Archive has two components: a non-profit entity which will receive a copy of
the bits for their long term maintainance, and a California corporation for
developing the technology for gathering, managing and maintaining terabytes
of data.

Support is coming from many sources including Brewster Kahle, the inventor
of WAIS and a founder of WAIS Inc. This organization forms the framework for
projects such as the Web Archive '96, a project to archive the presidential
election as it happens on the net. The Archive will preserve all digital
information collected moving it to new media and operating systems as time

Based in San Francisco, Internet Archive is collecting bits from around the


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                                                      Please contact us at:

 More information is also available on:                    Internet Archive
                                                   Presidio, P.O. Box 29141
    * People behind the Archive                     San Francisco, CA 94129
    * Implementing our work                                Ph: 415.561.6789
    * The progress we're making                           Fax: 415.561.6795
    * How YOU can help                                     info@archive.org

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