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ETS Call

The European Commission  DGXIII/7 
Security of Telecommunications and Information Systems
 has anounced an open call for tenders in the Official Journal as part of our
preparatory work for ETS (the Europe-wide network of Trusted Third Party

The work proposed tackles the area of ETS infrastructure specification, design
and implementation in the form of field trials or "pilots" as well as performing
studies on communication and legal aspects.

>From the above data, further details of the Call can be found on our Web site:


For those who are unable to access the Web site, please sen an e-mail request to
Fiona Allan at the following address:


The identical information will then be mailed to you using the normal postal

After reading the documentation, please direct any queries that you may have to
Theodor Schlickmann at the following address:


Kind regards

Theodor W. Schlickmann