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Interessante Variante, English Style

Mal ne ALternative zu ICTF etc... --Detlef

Scotland Yard's Metro Vice Squad has just unilaterally declared as
any ISP that allows any of more than 250 Newsgroups to reach London
users -- but has been kind enough to say they won't prosecute (under the
Obscene Publications Act) if the ISPs check each and every thing that
across the Net and eliminate those the police don't like (at the ISP's
expense, of course).

We have just published an exclusive interview with the man who has
personal responsibility for all this as a special report in the current
issue of CompuWeb <http://pollux.com/compuweb>, written by T. Bruce
who covers Internet censorship in a standing column for CompuWeb.

Just as the Munich incident had such a dramatic impact on CompuServe,
effort by the London police could have much more far-reaching
Although it currently only affects London, they are trying to get it
and, in the Chief Inspector's words in a letter to UK ISPs, "This list
is only
the starting point and we hope, with the cooperation and assistance of
industry and your trade organisations, to be moving quickly towards the
eradication of this type of Newsgroup from the Internet."

I should think it might provide a bit of grist for the mill of
interested in the future of the Net.
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