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Re: Nichts fuer FITUG?? (fwd)

>>>>> Juergen Plate writes:

    >> Subject: URGENT: Final draft GLOBAL ALERT: German
    >> Government censors dutch site www.xs4all.nl (fwd) Hi,
    >> This is a global action alert against German
    >> censorship. If you want to sign it, send email to
    >> aried@xs4all.nl. Please don't distribute in public until
    >> they officially release it:
    > .....

    >> > Please send the signature of your organisation to
    >> aried@xs4all.nl > that I can add it to this alert.  > >
    >> Arie Dirkzwager, Board member of DB-NL (Digital Citizens
    >> Foundation in the > Netherlands).

    > Dafuer!

Schliesse mich an. 

Werde die Hollaender allerdings privat noch auf den Unterschied
zwischen government und prosecutor general hinweisen.