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Internet Vorfuehrungen organisieren??

Hats sowas, besonders originel ists ja nicht, auch mal in einer deutschen
Gross- oder Kleinstadt gegeben??

Geheiztes Zelt auf dem Marktplatz faellt mir ein, aus EFFector:

* SF Internet Demo (Volunteers Needed)                                          
Calling all Netizens and Web Surfers!                                           
             * Please repost where appropriate *                                
Volunteers are needed to staff a storefront Internet demonstration.  This is    
an opportunity to show off your Internet surfing skills, share your favorite    
Web sites and help introduce San Francisco to cyberspace.                       
Coordinated by NetAction, and co-sponsored by:                                  
Berkeley Mac Users Group (BMUG)                                                 
Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)                                            
Impact Online                                                                   
Institute for Global Communication (IGC)                                        
Media Alliance                                                                  
Pacific Bell                                                                    
Upside Magazine                                                                 
Volunteers are needed to staff the demonstration.  Volunteers must be willing   
to work a minimum of two hours and must be familiar with Mac or PC computers    
and Netscape web browser software.                                              
The demonstration will be set up in a storefront display kiosk at Opera Plaza,  
next to Max's Opera Cafe on Van Ness Avenue.  Donated Mac and PC computers      
will be set up and volunteers will be available to show visitors how the        
Internet works and what sorts of information and resources are available on     
the World Wide Web.		                                                           
Monday, September 30 through Saturday, Oct. 5, 1996, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.     
Opera Plaza, 601 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco                                 
(Between Golden Gate and Turk in the Civic Center)                              
To show people who are not yet familiar with the Internet how the technology    
works and what sort of information and resources are available on the World     
Wide Web.  The demonstration will use computers and software that consumers     
would be likely to purchase, and regular telephone service.                     
Volunteers should contact Audrie Krause at NetAction.                           
E-mail:         akrause@igc.org                                                 
Phone:          (415) 775-8674                                                  
Press release about the SF Internet demo available at: