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Re: [iag/debate] Germany Bans Web Pages for Minors - and ALL

On 30 Sep 1996, Wolfgang Kopp wrote:

> Hallo Lutz,

> Du meintest am 30.09.96 um 09:11 zum Thema "[iag/debate] Germany Bans Web  
> Pages for Minors - and ALL":

> > Following a recent decision by the State of Hamburg's Supreme
> > Constitutional Court to the effect that service providers cannot be
> > held responsible for possibly illegal contents of data transfers
> > via their networks (here, AOL was accused of disseminating
> > child pornography),  this move must be regarded as a circumvention

> Hat jemand diese Entscheidung schon?

Der Spiegel.

Thomas Roessler                  	  http://www.rhein.de/~roessler/